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Everyone here at FlollisFX has a career history full of supporting clients. From our Designers to our Technical Consultants, we all pride ourselves in our ability to support our clients how it best fits each individual client. No scripts, no "Set in Stone" processes that may prevent us from meeting each client's individual needs.

FlollisFX was started for the sole purpose of making custom designs to those that do not have a "Big Business" budget.

Why Choose FlollisFX?

  • 1We will tell you upfront if what you are asking for can be done for the price you are looking for. If not We will be please to direct you to others in our field that may be able to assist you better to meet your individual needs.
  • 2Have you ever wanted a job, doing what you love to do? We do to, and that's why we are here. Let'see how we can give you that edge you have been looking for.
  • 3If you have already got a quote for the job in mind, let us know and we will see if we can match that price. There's no harm in asking.

The FlollisFX Team

Stephen Lollis - Graphic Designer / Automaton Developer

Stephen’s passion for meeting each client’s expectations has given him an edge in insuring total satisfaction of any design work created.

Shawn Lollis - Project Director / Spreadsheet Automation

As Shawn’s title should always indicate, he has a fierce focus on the details of any project to make sure any and all communication from our clients to our team is accurate.

Travis Crain - Manager / Client Relations

Travis is a born leader. He wants to make sure the whole team grows with each project we do, at the same time understands why our clients’ needs should always be considers first in any work we produce.

Open Position - Technical Lead / Small Network Architect

Are you a good fit? If so, please send us your resume and we can all figure it out together, as a team.

our work

As we are located in the KCMO area, we know all too well how the "Show ME" mentality is, and here you go. Below are example of our work from various services we provide. Please keep in mind, that we design for our clients taste.


As you can see from our work, our services are taylor made for each individual client. The diversity to which we apply with each project, allows the FlollisFX team to truley think outside the box for our clients.

Design Consultant

Our design consultants can meet with you for anything from just trying to get a feel for what we can offer, to making sure we know what you are needs from start to finish.

Branding & Marketing

To a small business, branding and marketing could not be more important. To that point the FlollisFX team is here to assist and guide you along that path with high quality design work that seemed only affordable to larger companies.

Project Management

We understand that you are busy. Allowing us to manage a project for you, freeing up your time on what you need to focus on is just one of many ways we can meet your needs in any area's we offer.

Information Technology

The FlollisFX team have all had over a decade each in the technology field. We know that without that knowledge, we could not fully support our clients with implementing the services we offer.

Workflow Automation

Every business has things that need to be done on the computer every day, the same way each day. Let us automate those process for you. Think about how much time that could be freed up if you were not constantly doing the same administration work on the computer each day.

Phone Support

Knowing that our job is not done, just because the project is,we offer a way to contact us with any questions you may have before, during, and after any service we provide.

contact us

Please feel free to send us any questions that you may have on what we can offer. We will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible
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  • Email : inquiry@flollis.com
  • Phone : (913) 730-6617
  • Website : www.flollis.com

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privacy policy


As a client of FlollisFX, we are here to make sure we take care of your needs. Our goal is to make sure we recieve an outstanding survey back from you after each project is completed.

Proprietary Rights

Any design work that we create for our clients, after completion will be that clients property only. FlollisFX will not reuse designs we make for another client. Any and all media used during the project will be deliverd to the client upon payment.

Copyright FlollisFX 2014

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All services offered by FlollisFX are owned by FlollisFX until payment is recieved in full. Any cancled project media is the sole property of FlollisFX and may be used in current or future project depending on the needs of that project.